Tuesday, 31 January 2012


If we look after the cover it will stay fresh and attractive not reflecting what is inside. This also happens with us when we live our daily lives in the world wanting those we meet to think well of us. As Christians, God wants the real us to be seen and though our cover may be very smart, what's beneath may not be. So He takes away our cover and lets the light and air get to us so that the bad roots can be removed and the stuff that guides our life can be demolished, we then are left with what He has put in us and from there we can grow even stronger in our relationships and our Christian walk.


            Don't judge a book by it's cover
            The pages are all worn
            Many years of constant toil
            Have left them thin and torn
            It gives a good appearance
            Belying what's inside
            Perhaps you call it death to self
            As God dissolves our pride.

            He carefully takes the cover off
            The pages fall to bits
            We're dependent on the One
            Who on our throne now sits
            Slowly He rebuilds our lives
            He puts things into place
            Not as quickly as we'd like
            But at His perfect pace.

Saturday, 28 January 2012


We all have a problem in believing that God loves and accepts us for who we are even though we may be far from the life He created. We also like to be liked and go through gymnastics to please others who we know and come into contact with. Again, the mask has to go and God knows the exact time for this to happen, when we can cope with our scaffolding being removed. We won't fall because He is still supporting us and though we may go through a painful time, it's really worth it in the end.



            Your love for people shines so bright
            You blossom when they're near
            Saying no to others needs
            Just fills you full of fear
            As if you need to prove yourself
            You seem to have it all
            But hid behind your countenance
            A jelly standing tall.

            Why do you not like yourself
            Don't you believe it's true
            That you are loved by Father God
            Cos He created you
            He's never yet made a mistake
            So you must be okay
            Believe in what your Father says
            And doubts will melt away.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


The world is full of worry and with all that is happening around the globe, you can quite understand their fears. We as Christians have One who gladly takes all our worries and fears onto Himself and fills us full of His peace but only if we allow Him to. When are we going to learn that He is the only One who loves us so much that He wants to be involved in every part of our lives whether it's finding a car parking space or facing the latest family or financial crisis, can we take their weight or can we trust him to sort them out. I have proved Him right many times and the alternative is not worth the pain.


                The world is going crazy
                It's turning upside down
                For many of it's people
                Their life is just a frown
                The peace and sure contentment
                They're trying hard to find
                Is really just a word away
                Of Jesus, they are blind.

                For peace comes from The Saviour
                He medicates our ills
                He helps us with our problems
                The bitterness and bills
                He has the perfect blueprint
                In Him is all we need
                So open up your life to Him
                And on His banquet feed.

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Hiding behind a hedge is the same as wearing a mask, you are not being real to those you know and meet. God knows the real you and loves you all the same, so if He can put up with your doubtful bits then surely others can. It's like wearing a plaster to protect the wound, sometime or other it has to come off to let the air get to it and finish the healing process. This is what God wants too, we have to be brave enough to come out as who we are and be healed of all the things that spoil Gods' creation, us. I Had to do it so you can too.


            A hedge is good for hiding things
            You don't want folk to see
            Untidy grass and rampant weeds
            A gardening misery
            In the darkness of your patch
            Nothing ever grows
            Decline of dreams abandoned there
            A perfect place to doze.

            It's time you cut that foliage down
            And let the sun shine in
            Revealing hopes that you once had
            Before you choked on sin
            He's waiting for your outstretched hand
            To intertwine with His
            Together you can face this world
            Oh wouldn't that be bliss.       

Thursday, 19 January 2012


How many times have we left The Lord out of our daily lives and decisions and lived to regret it ?  It should be second nature to include Him in everything we do to ensure that we are in His will for us and to make sure that we are not going against His plans for us. We know that He loves us and doesn't want us to come to any harm and under the shadow of His wings is a very safe place to be. Perhaps each morning before we start our day we ought to give it over to Him and ask His direction in all the things we are due to do, making sure that he can guide us in the right direction.


                If only we would let You
                Invade our highs and lows
                Invite You into every part
                The good times and the blows
                We would learn so very much
                With You we'd ride the storm
                Cos nothing could unhinge our faith
                With You to keep us warm.

                You've proved Yourself so many times
                But still we leave You out
                Instead of us embracing You
                We're often full of doubt
                Hopefully we'll see some sense
                With You we'll come to stay
                You cannot love us any more
                So come and have Your way.

Monday, 16 January 2012


We all wander of from time to time, some come back and some disappear, but there comes a time when we have a choice to make. Many years ago I went into a desert experience for around two years, I wasn't happy with my church and I was quite willing to go to one that was happy clappy and exciting, thankfully I didn't. I also had to choose whether to carry on with The Lord or slide back to what I was which again thankfully I decided against and twenty years later we are really moving and growing. The devil wants us back and he delights when we waver and encourages us to give up the struggle and have a little rest. If you are disillusioned with your walk or with your church, stick with Him at least and see if there is a church that suits you better, don't give up.


            You've given up and wandered off
            You've left My loving arms
            Knowing Me was not enough
            Beguiled by worldly charms
            You wanted Me to give you things
            That kept your soul intact
            You told Me that you loved Me
            But it was all an act.
            I'll never lose My love for you
            Perhaps one day you'll see
            That what I have is something else
            The world cannot achieve
            So when you're lonely, crying out
            Remember, I am here
            To gather you into My arms
            Come back to Me my dear.

Friday, 13 January 2012


I was reading this great book by Jack Frost and it told of a young man who never reached his fathers standards and as he grew up he was striving to achieve, even when he became a Christian. He finally realised that our Father is nothing like our earthly versions and was healed of this constant desire to prove himself to others. God welcomes us back from any situation we have found ourselves in, there's nothing we can do that puts Him off, the one thing He won't tolerate is the dismissal of His Son from our lives. Say sorry, there's only one way to live your life and that is through Jesus.

    Inspired by ; Experiencing  Fathers  Embrace  by  Jack  Frost.


            You have reached your pigpen
            A place that you have sought
            By being lured by worldly ways
            Your morals have been bought
            Now you wallow in the mud
            Consumed by darkness deep
            You are heading for the place
            Where fools and lemmings weep.

            Prodically, there is a hope
            It's really not too late
            Turn your back on who you are
            It's you who holds your fate
            Father wants to welcome you
            Come back out of the cold
            Fall into His outstretched arms
            If you would be so bold.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


It is the greatest feeling to have peace and contenrment in who you are and what you have and it can only come through the knowledge of who God sees you as. There is a great misconception that God is like a stern Father who tuts at everything we do wrong and has a list of punishments for us when we finally meet Him. His word tells us that He is hopelessly in love with us and proved it through His Son Jesus who He sent to the cross to die for us. Andrew Wommack says that God carries a photo of us in His wallet and wants nothing more than a relationship with us as Father and child, not the deformed one we had with our dads but a perfect one of love and respect no matter what we do. It's about time we reciprocated.


            Your peace pervades my every pore
            Your balm is soothing every sore
            You are The One who proves my worth
            Upon this tragic, failing earth
            While others weep and wail in greed
            I am content in what You feed
            Together we can stand the test
            In the valleys, on the crest
            Oh Saviour who is full of love
            Who settles on me like a dove
            Please take this wilful only child
            So happy to be reconciled
            With his creator, Father pure
            A loving guardian, I'm secure
            In all You're going to do in me
            Through Jesus, You have set me free.


Saturday, 7 January 2012


Over the last twenty odd years, The Lord has been working hard to restore the me He created and you have to hand it to Him, He has changed me in so many ways. I still have a marriage, a daughter who will be twenty one at the end of January and a peace which all those years ago was certainly absent from my life. He kept on giving me opportunities to meet Him and it was on the third occasion that I saw the light and invited Him in. Of course, like most people, I wish that it had happened in my youth, but those missing years have formed the me I am now and I'm just relieved that He kept on at me.


            In Jesus name I've been set free
            My chains have been removed
            He's been working twenty years
            To get His child improved
            Though there's plenty more to do
            I know he won't stand still
            He wants me back as I once was
            My void He wants to fill.

            All I do is let Him work
            Iv'e learnt that that is best
            Refining me to suit my state
            I never would have guessed
            That he would love me oh so much
            To choose a wreck like me
            I open up my arms in praise
            Surrender totally.       

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


This is another poem about our choices and our preference for the world. Seeing what God has done for us and having experienced His love and help on our Christian walk, it should be a no brainer where our allegiance is and our daily life should be based in Him. Sadly, we may have the odd spurt of being in The Lord but that seems to wane. I have given up trying to be good and the strain and striving has ceased. I still am a Christian and attend church but I feel that my time will come to get immersed and I am still used by my Father of whom I have nothing but praise.


                Based on what we know of God
                Believing what His word doth say
                About His endless love for us
                Which doesn't ever go away
                Knowing what He did for us
                His only Son, a sacrifice
                With all this knowledge in our heads
                Why do we take our own advice
                To go and serve a fallen world
                Gathering riches just in case   
                Scared to take that final step
                Seeking out His glorious face
                Time will tell, I think you'll find
                Choices made will guide our fate
                Worshipping a sinking ship
                Or passing through a narrow gate.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


There are some who believe that if you give to certain Christian works, no matter how poor you are, then God will give you back ten times what you have sowed and solve all your problems, rather like the lottery but more chance of winning. I learnt to give as a love offering, thanking God for saving me from a destructive lifestyle and enriching my life and family and though the recession is still going on, I have not altered  the amount or lost my trust in His word. There are many scriptures that ask us to put our faith in Him and we shall be kept afloat, we shall have enough to get by on and as long as we don't waste what He's given us then we shall not fall.


                Put your money in the slot
                And magically you'll see
                Ten times it's worth come tumbling out
                To set a debtor free
                It seems so simple to perform
                He must be made of gold
                Is He trying to buy your love
                Creator being cold.

                He says that if you want returns
                A treasure that will last
                Then in His kingdom you must sow
                Upon His waters cast
                Your return will be a life
                That's worthy of His call
                To feed the hungry, help the poorest
                Pick up those who fall.